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Path Of Exile: new feature item filters will be updated

14 lutego 2020 w elazienki-wyposażenie ładnych wnętrz

The Path of Exile is probably one of the best action role-playing game predators on the PC, no one else can. At first glance, this is a daunting statement, but when you look at the number of updates and the amount of content that players can use, it’s clear that no other title can come close. Frankly, what Blizzard’s forthcoming „Diablo 4″ can’t provide for players to explore becomes a candle to the Path of Exile.

However, a large amount of content is accompanied by a large number of items falling, forcing players to look at these items and compare them with the items they hold and use. In the initial stage of the player, the player can find twenty items in each stage. which means that the player must decide what to carry for salvage, sale or equipment. Frankly, new players need to deal with a lot of things, and many are used to simply picking up everything on the floor. If novices do not Buy POE Currency, everyone will cherish their early booty.

For this reason, the mechanism of the Path of Exile is called the Item Filter. They can completely ignore low-value packet loss, which is only a few fragments, and packet loss can play a role in later game content. The system is exceptionally robust, but the number of projects has grown exponentially since the filter was released. Even with third-party filters like the popular Neversink, you have to work hard to keep up with the amazing drop count. Grinding Gear Games has announced that they are working on improving the item filters and will release updates as soon as possible.

Users will be able to highlight items with a specific socket type and socket link, which means that unless it goes bankrupt because it has the necessary links, you will never lose the opportunity to re-modify the modifier. It is very useful because the power of a character is usually defined by how many slots an item has so that skills can be stacked on top of each other. If you Buy POE Currency in a store like, then this is a huge boost for you. Finally, the new item filter can also show the number of broken implicit mods, ranging from zero to two. This allows players to see at a glance which weapons on the ground have been damaged, and many weapons require them.

Frankly, this is a welcome update for many players distressed by loot fatigue, in which killing a senior boss is just the beginning of a deserter.

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Path of Exile: Prey, Hunting, and the Beast

13 lutego 2020 w elazienki-wyposażenie ładnych wnętrz

In the game in The Path of Exile, or rather, a walk on the river in Act Two, players will encounter the hunter Pinhal. This will launch an additional mission where you have to search for special beasts and then capture and use them to create unique items.

Einhal himself then met at random or during his mission as Atlas. Each mission at Einhar requires you to capture 3 to 5 unique beasts at a given location. The beast is marked with a special icon (1) on the map. If you encounter challenges throughout the hunting process, then you can spend some cash to Buy POE Currency at to enhance your strength, which is very practical.

The goal of these missions is to capture the opponent’s health as 0. When this happens, Einhar will begin the process of capturing the beast, which will end in a few seconds. When the player catches all the beasts at the given location, Einhar will disappear.

This character is associated with the location „manager.” To use it for the first time, you need to find Einhar in any city, start a conversation and select Visit Manager (2). The next entry can be reached through the checkpoint and talking to Einar.

In „Manager”, you should be interested in Beastcrafting mechanics. This is a handicraft using previously captured beasts. So you can create unique items that you can’t find in any other way. To begin the process, go to the northwestern end of the location and interact with the Blood Altar (3).

In the newly opened window, find the recipe we were able to create (4), click on it and confirm the selection with the „Process” button (5). To make it easier to view recipes, you can use filtering (6) or hide all unavailable recipes (7).

When the ship is activated, all creatures contained in the recipe will appear on the stage. You must defeat them. When all the beasts have been killed, the battle will end-if the monster manages to kill the character, the whole process will be interrupted and the monster will be released, so you will have to grab them again to try to create the item again.

After the battle, interact with the altar again. In the window that opens, above the Craft button (8), a unique item will be created. Now, as long as you have the necessary items, just collect them for inventory and start the process again.

Items created as part of Beascrafting may not be of the highest quality, but you can find some useful recipes here, such as creating a unique vial (flask). Also, the level of the item depends on the level at which the monster was captured-so more valuable items can only be created when the Atlas system is unlocked. For an easier and more efficient gaming experience, Buy Path of Exile Currency, which will be very helpful for your game progress.

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NBA 2K20 ‚Update: KB patch for Kobe Bryant tribute has been added to Lakers jersey

8 lutego 2020 w elazienki-wyposażenie ładnych wnętrz

The news of Kobe Bryant’s recent death still haunts basketball fans around the world. Pay tribute to the former Los Angeles Lakers star during the NBA game and through „NBA 2K20″. One of the latest efforts by game developers to pay tribute to Kobe is to add a „KB” patch to the Lakers jersey in the game, putting on basketball for the first time in real life. Subscribe to GameMS to learn more about the latest 2K20 information and Buy Cheap NBA 2K20 MT.

„NBA 2K20″ developers added a KB patch to the Lakers jersey in honor of Kobe Bryant, and earlier this week, „NBA 2K20″ developers updated the Los Angeles Lakers jersey to accommodate the latest design. It now adds some small but very important attachments in the form of a black KB patch on the right side of the chest area.

Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash on January 26 from his 13-year-old daughter and basketball goalkeeper Gianna Bryant. The accident killed seven other people, including their friends, Gigi’s teammates, and pilots.

Since the Kobe pass became news, „NBA 2K20″ players have come up with several ways to honor Mamba through game features. Several players dressed their characters in Lakers jerseys and gathered in the neighborhood to march in honor of the 18th NBA All-Star.

Some players who played in Rec also remembered Kobe, and each team committed a 24-second violation to pay tribute to his jersey number. The NBA team that played after Kobe’s death did the same.

„NBA 2K21″ cover: Fans call on Kobe Bryant to return to legendary version of next game

If „NBA 2K20″ developers can achieve this, it will not be Kobe’s debut on the cover of the legendary version of the game. Since retiring in 2016, five NBA titles have been spokespersons for the „NBA 2K17″ legendary edition. GameMS is very sad for Kobe’s misfortune, 2K20 players will now be able to Buy NBA 2K20 MT at a very affordable price. Let every player have this great player.

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The Path of Exile: The next version update will have a big improvement

6 lutego 2020 w elazienki-wyposażenie ładnych wnętrz

The Path of Exile will receive its 3.9.2e update this week, which will improve the quality of life for players and fix some errors.

Casually, we are getting closer and closer to 4.0

If there is one thing we can’t blame is Grinding Gear Games, it is an exemplary follow-up to its slash „MMO” slash banishment path. The New Zealand studio is already preparing for the next update, which will please more people.

This week, we prepared a new patch, made new improvements to the Path of Exile, and fixed some bugs. We plan to launch the 3.9.2e update in the next few days. In the meantime, you can view the release notes in this article. You can also Buy POE Currency on the website, which will greatly help your entire gaming experience.

There is no longer any problem of getting stuck in the cages of the zoo or the railings that resist our fire, which will not cause any damage. Besides, GGG took this opportunity to bring us some small improvements on the quality of life of players. Spheres are now listed alphabetically when placed in public safety, and players will be notified when they have completed the wake target. It also includes other improvements related to Atlas. Well, the error message has been updated.

Updated various error messages to indicate that projects with catalyst quality or new impact types cannot be split using Bestiary recipes. Thankfully, the client crash issue has been resolved. This crash usually occurs when a Frost Bomb is applied.

The Path of Exile is available on PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One. At the same time, provides service support for all players on the Path of Exile. Buy POE Currency to support the orderly development of the Path of Exile.

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Learn about the Path of Exile Map in a minute

4 lutego 2020 w elazienki-wyposażenie ładnych wnętrz

The key to the end of the Path of Exile is the so-called map system. These maps are maps, each with its boss representing its play area. Unlike ad campaigns and their simple ten behaviors, you can play maps in an independent order. Maps are important for players to master the entire game. If you want a better gaming experience, you can Buy POE Currency at to assist you.

To be able to enter a map, you must first use it as an item in your inventory. Go to the map device and activate it there, with six portals opening the corresponding game area. Each time you enter a map, one of these portals becomes unavailable. Once they are all used up, you can no longer access the corresponding area whether you have completed the operation or not. So when you need to use a portal role, think carefully, such as refilling potions or selling loot. You should also avoid death as much as possible.

Making and improving maps

You can use the production system to upgrade the map like a normal object. This allows various modifications to the card. These bonuses can be, for example, increased magic resistance or monster life. The heavier the modification, the more you will get more loot on the corresponding map. So your risk depends entirely on the strength of you and your character. Also note that even some modifications have been made to make certain character type maps unplayable. For example, reflected magic damage may mean that all heroes who rely primarily on elemental damage will end.

World atlas

Your progress in the map system is recorded on the atlas, which you can call using the „H” key or through the menu. Here you can see all the cards listed and how they are aligned with each other. If you are looking for an unfinished map, you should focus on the map that links to the desired destination on the atlas. For example, if you want to solve an atoll problem, you must graze in the port until you are satisfied with the falling luck. Once the mapping is complete, you can find it anywhere as long as the required project level is met. In the 3.9 patch, Atlas Endgame and the way you go to higher levels have been completely revised. We detail how to do this in this guide. Learn more about Raiders of the Path of Exile and the latest information, follow, and Buy POE Currency at the most affordable price.

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Path of Exile: Atlas Conqueror 3.9.2 Patch Details

11 stycznia 2020 w elazienki-wyposażenie ładnych wnętrz

Path of Exile: The Atlas Conqueror is the latest extension to the Path of Exile series. The expansion continues the storyline of the Battle for Atlas, including a new affected region and a world where leaders are constantly improving. An extended version was released on December 13, 2019. To resolve some persistent issues and make certain changes in the game, developers have released patch note 3.9.2.

Officially added a new vendor formula for Metamorph organs. Any three organs can be given to receive random organs different from the organs provided, and given random rewards. After this update, Metamorph will cost less POE Currency and the difficulty will be reduced. A bug that prevented Metamorph bosses from freezing has been fixed. They can be frozen again, but their disease threshold is higher compared to map leaders with similar lives. Adjusted some transformation skills, including Sage’s Storm, Shavronne and Brutus Hover Slams, tentacle miscreation projectile skills, tracking mortar skills (including those used by Oriath zombies and Kitava’s pioneers), burning and harsh Ground creation skills and other skills. Overall, these will now cause less damage or be easier to avoid.

Fixed an issue that displayed incorrect Atlas task information after migrating roles. Fixed a bug where the castle was still hidden when unable to meet the boss. Fixed a bug where influence items would not drop from monsters in maps affected by Atlas Conquerors (they might drop from boxes). Fixed a bug that sometimes failed to properly complete the „Conditional Defeat Conqueror” challenge condition. Fixed a bug where the conqueror of the Atlas leader would be retargeted after being mocked. Added new lore targets to conquerors in the Atlas Boss area.

Awakening level reduced from 84 to 81 to 5 in awakening level 1 and increases by 1 for each additional awakening level. His awakening level 8 is still level 84, and this only affects his drop item level. On all items below Awakening Level 8, the damage of most Awakened’s abilities is specifically reduced. Prevents the storm in the Battle of The Awakener from taking up space near the entrance to the arena, so you can no longer enter and enter the storm. Changed the behavior of Storm so that Storm no longer follows players or their servants. Instead, they organically manipulated the stage, allowing more openings to move around freely, while still imposing some restrictions.

Know the details of the 3.9.2 patch, you can check the official forum of the Path of Exile, or follow, you will be able to get the latest information of the Path of Exile first hand, you can also Buy POE Orbs at a reasonable price, it will help your game greatly.

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The basic requirement for PC in Madden 20

7 stycznia 2020 w Blog łazienkowy, elazienki-wyposażenie ładnych wnętrz

Madden NFL 20 game officials announced minimum configuration requirements for PC systems. While you buy MUT coins in the game, you will have more chance to survive.

According to the requirements, the PC player requires at least AMD fx-4330 or Intel i3-4350, 8GB ram and AMD radeon rx460 or NVIDIA geforce GTX 660 graphics card.

EA Sports recommends using the AMD radeon R9 270x or NVIDIA geforce GTX 670 GPU.

Operating system: 64 bit Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10

Processor (AMD): fx-4330 or equivalent

Processor (Intel): i3-4350 or equivalent

Memory: 8 GB

Graphics card (AMD): radeon RX 460 or equivalent

NVIDIA: geforce GTX 660 or equivalent

DirectX: 11 compatible video card or equivalent

Online connection requirements: 512 Kbps or faster Internet connection

Hard disk space: 48.5 GB

Recommended configuration requirements:

Operating system: 64 bit windows 10

Graphics card (AMD): radeon R9 270x or equivalent

NVIDIA: geforce GTX 670 or equivalent

DirectX: 12 compatible video cards or equivalent

Online connection requirements: broadband connection

Hard disk space: 48.5 GB

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Madden 20: Predicted NFL Playoff Wild Card Round

6 stycznia 2020 w elazienki-wyposażenie ładnych wnętrz

The NFL playoffs are coming. Which teams will advance? This is what Madden predicts will happen. Let’s follow the best Madden coins seller MUT Coins for more details.

After winning the playoffs before the end of the regular season, both Buffalo Bill and the Houston Texans lost before Saturday at noon in Week 17 against Houston. Their game is closely followed by another AFC wildcard game as the New England Patriots find themselves in a strange place, the wildcard round. They host the Tennessee Giants.

On Sunday, this was a turning point for the AFC. A Minnesota Vikings team hoping to be healthier faces a mission to New Orleans to challenge the Saints, who slipped to No. 3 seed after winning the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers in Week 17. At the same time, the 11-5 Seattle Seahawks will head to face the 9-7 Philadelphia Eagles in an attempt to rematch with their division opponents 49ers.

If Madden is right, the rookie running back to Devin Singletary is going to play a professional game, he has only 111 yards and four touchdowns and has won 45-28 bills with just 12 credits. For many, the results of this game seem unquestionable. Although they struggled in the regular season, the New England Patriots, who play at home, rarely win, and the Titans won’t change that, right? Correct. At least according to Madden.

Although the „Titans” team is expected to surpass the „Patriots” team, and they will not lose the dispute over turnovers, they just cannot get enough scoring positions to score. In the fourth quarter, tied for 14th place, the game was played there, but only Pats made two touchdowns while leaving the Titans blank.

Although Madden is very accurate at present, it is only just predicting that the real stadium is always full of various changes. This is exactly the charm of the NFL. Learn more about Madden 20 related game information and buy MUT 20 Coins at a cheap price. Follow GameMS, we all have what you want.

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Madden 20: The most detailed MUT series 4 information

10 grudnia 2019 w elazienki-wyposażenie ładnych wnętrz

The new Madden 20 series is coming, as well as a new Master Challenge and new challenges for each player. The 3 series is very useful for every MUT player, from competitive fighters, single grinders to paying players. Harvest and Blitz have more than 90 OVR cards for those who like to solo and overcome these challenges. Currently, Series 3 is coming to an end. EA has announced the start date of the Series 4, which will bring a series of new cards, promotions, and challenges.

MUT Series 4 will be discontinued on Friday, December 13. You can expect the update to be released around 10:30 AM EST, so be prepared to spend the weekend exploring all the new features. The first thing to remember is that once Series 4 goes live, your trophy will be halved! As a result, you should spend the trophy now. The best way is, if you can’t afford Master Devin McCourty and don’t use coach John Madden, then make sure to buy as many touchdown backpacks as possible. These are 220 trophies that give you a fast-selling option of 65,000 MUT 20 Coins, which greatly boosts your funding. Once you have purchased as many coins as possible, then go to the RedZone software package, which will provide 25,000 Madden 20 Coins.

This is a big problem. If you are close and feel you can finally afford the Series 4 Master, then you should stick to your loot and wait to find out who it is. It is expected that it will be an offensive card near the 95 OVR mark. After Series 2 becomes Melvin Gordon, you should be ready to see quarterbacks or wide receivers in this place. People like Chris Godwin, Julio Jones or Carson Wentz are unlikely to make the playoffs.

In Series 4, you will most likely see Harvest and Blitz disappear from the store, although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, the possibilities are very high. This means that if you have been waiting for these Harvest Noodles and Main Dish to power 76 OVR cards, Buy Madden 20 Coins at GameMS can help you achieve it quickly, don’t miss such a good opportunity, then get started now! Blitz Boltz may go too. If you still have some Boltz, you can use them for Series 3 gold in the store, or you can cross your fingers, hoping that the MUT will steadily transform it into training.