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PSO2 is a game which is centered around cross platform

31 lipca 2020 w Bez kategorii

The reasoning was SEGA’s need to PSO2 Meseta be able to manage their own JP version without having to worry about the market that is Western. The couple of times they spoke about this they mentioned being able to deliver place exclusive upgrades after all… in PSO2′s situation, they didnt need to be paying for global rights to collab nor to consider whether collabs with certain businesses like Dawson or some vague anime could be applicable to the Western players to warrant the cost of global rights. SEGA wants the Japanese version to be its own thing targeted at the marketplace and that which would appeal to them.

Any ideas if the”additional PC programs” will also crossplay? I understand Steam has had while some older MMOs they’d did not some MMOs that had servers that are Steam-only. PSO2 is a game which is centered around cross platform much in the same way as FFXIV. Steam has.

I can’t see it arriving to ones like GOG Galaxy,, Bethesda Launcher, Battlenet or the Nexon Launcher (though GOG Galaxy and for various motives from the rest of course, those two are more indy-oriented while the other three are too proprietary-focused and not as well-known for being storefronts up to they’re the way you play with Phantasy Star Online 2s from these publishers). Maybe Twitch app and the Discord Store? (those are even worse than Epic and Origin, therefore I’ve doubts (that the Discord Store is even dead, which makes me wonder if they are still selling games at the Twitch program )). What else is there anyhow?

Assuming the scenario the EU version is not a server and client. I don’t see why not? The way these things work. It would just be the NA version, we’ll be lucky if they provide us EU-hosted ships as an option or other languages (contrary to popular theory, a game does not have to be localized to all European languages to launch there, lots of Sega games including Yakuza are offered only in Japanese and English all around the globe ). In Terms of Steam. PSO2 has replaced the SEGA ID system for Microsoft accounts. That may seem like a no but Sea of Thieves and Halo rely upon Microsoft accounts on Steam as well. Microsoft has been wanting to enlarge Xbox Live to other programs like PS4 and Alter for specific games. This is already true with Cupheads on Change as well as the many platforms which Minecraft is on.

If it goes to other computer platforms will Windows 7 users finally be able to play with it is something else awaiting na stop me? First off. Even support dropped for Windows 7. Second off. Most likely not. The SEGA ID system had been replaced using Microsoft’s Xbox Live authentication + many attributes are connected to the Xbox Game Bar. As of right now, Sea of Thieves and Halo: Master Chief Collection need players login using their Microsoft / Xbox Live account no matter Steam amounting to buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta some upgrade and supply platform.

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Phantasy Star Online 2′s problems

26 lipca 2020 w Bez kategorii

I attempted every single recommended fix, including PSO2 Tweakers launcher piggybacking on the Windows Stores initial 11GB download, however, the results rarely lasted more than several hours with repeated efforts of launching Phantasy Star Online 2 several times throughout the day. While the lobby fix of PSO2 Meseta for sale renaming the launcher did help in reducing performance hitches, I could not get Phantasy Star Online 2 to stop breaking itself, until the latest update that PSO2 Tweaker published, which allows for players to circumvent the folder hierarchy Windows imposes, and set up Phantasy Star Online 2 outside of where the Windows Store can touch. The setup instructions for PSO2 Tweakers standalone installment seemed simple enough, however, it wasn’t without its share of problems.

The first install downloaded Phantasy Star Online 2 after a couple repeated efforts at closure and reopening the program. After the setup, you want to change the application permissions to programmer mode, and run a powershell script as an administrator to allow the Microsoft Store to recognize and provide the credentials you need to run Phantasy Star Online 2. My first try at this wasn’t successful. I had been getting several errors associated with not being able to download the necessary files. I had to undergo several manual powershell commands to reach the point where I could run the powershell script properly to eventually get Phantasy Star Online 2 to launch.

Phantasy Star Online 2′s problems, I feel, were not only completely preventable, but they’ve let down a great deal of players who’ve been looking forward to Phantasy Star Online 2 for the greater part of 8 years. Anyhow, at no stage was I ever barred entirely from Phantasy Star Online 2, as I might have hopped back over to my XBOX, but the difficulties players have experienced fall well out of simple”launching day problems”. In the beginning, the disappointment players believe towards Microsoft and SEGA to deal with a task as straightforward as keeping Phantasy Star Online 2 set up is completely warranted, and warrants more than a simple apology. At worst, Phantasy Star Online 2 may have eradicated the willingness of new gamers to stick it out until things get better. Occasionally you only get 1 shot to make a first impression, and also in minimum, Phantasy Star Online 2 has me far more cautious of utilizing the Microsoft Store later on.

With all that said, and also a weeks-worth of headbanging and computer keyboard slapping in the rearview mirror, the third party PSO2 Tweaker finally got me into a country where I can reliably run Phantasy Star Online 2, at least up to this point. It wasn’t simple, and it certainly hasn’t been the kind of expertise I anticipated, but I can not deny the PC version, once fixed, is much superior in several ways into the XBOX One version. For those that were having difficulty, for the ones that are still interested in enjoying PSO2 now, there is a path to playable, paved by a community which refused to give up.

Phantasy Star Online 2 started eight decades back in Japan, but was brought to western beaches only recently thanks to fan demand and Microsoft’s participation. How can a near-decade old game dream to buy meseta pso2 compete against such juggernauts?

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Possibly belief, but offline OSRS will be amazing

21 lipca 2020 w Bez kategorii

OfflineScape has a lot of possible advantages and buy OSRS gold may potentially benefit the live match in the long term. Since its creation, RuneScape has always been about connecting with individuals in a gameplay atmosphere and playing with friends. That’s wonderful and should never go away. HOWEVER. Think about playing with Skyrim and just how much pleasure it was to do whatever you desired. Spawn in things? Yeah, sure. Noclip your way through a dungeon? I thought you’d never ask. It let you just have fun in the way you saw fit. Now, back to OSRS. A offline mode would allow you to do anything you wanted with your account without fear of a) impacting other people’s gameplay and b) with any rules you might be punished for breaking. This mode wouldn’t provide any”cheats”, but it would be offline and there is nothing stopping you from auto-clicking your way to 99 magic if that is the way you want to savor RuneScape.

I believe something similar to this should be the final thing Jagex does if OSRS close. They would need to employ some AI for Minigames such as B.A, and AI Pkers for its wilderness, along with a dynamic Grand Exchange. I would gladly pay AAA game cost for a offline version of OSRS. 100%. Hell, it would be rather fun to have it and also have Steam achievements. I sent Ash a link to this article to get his view on it and I’ll put his answer here if/when he answers, just to satisfy curiosity. I think we all can concur that this is a must to perform if OSRS’dies’. (Let’s hope it never comes to this ).But if it will, I’m with you and would happily pay for an offline version in order that it will permanently become immortalised.

The server”application” would need to be released from the offline format for this to be possible, allowing individuals to reverse engineer it and host perfrect recreations of their official game as private servers. It makes it more easy for people to seek out loopholes that interpret into the game. There are a lot of attributes heavily embedded into RuneScape, possibly jagex would have to devote a bunch of time stripping those or you are operating all that shit and a SQL server in your machine. Matches are much harder to monetize with subscriptions/MTX. Then there’s the fact it would be pirated sooner or later.

U would not ever have to train a skill because content would not be locked if you can no clip / etc.. If u can use modded scripts and such I’m 100% certain you’d have 99 in every stat as a mad with no work. The purpose do RuneScape for people is to flaunt achievements and such to other players so once you take out other gamers why would you need to go through stats and all the quests? Would possibly take more people we can get. Minus bitters and scammers. As good as this sounds 1 piece of information is RuneScape itself is all about the mill. I spent a year and half in for dragon slayer 2, a ton of quests, all of the pre reqs, hours of vorkath and zulrah praying for drops and that I enjoyed it.

However, I wasn’t happy because I was not very rich and I just wanted to begin getting money for superior gear and using much more expensive equipment for pvm I’d about 100-200 m. That’s when I began staking. A lot of ups and downs but finally made over 6b. All the money I could ever want? I couldn’t even force myself to appreciate vorkath or even zulrah with max gear anymore. And that I lost all motivation to do raids because it’d take me weeks of clicking to prepare for raids at which the entire purpose is to make money…. I re obtained some inspiration but once you have unlimited access to RuneScape it will become super moot and nearly made me stop believe it or not. Just some food for thought not everybody is the same but when you have everything in RuneScape the only thing left to rs3 gold do is stake it all until you lose it all.

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This year NBA 2K20 was on sale for like 2 dollars

13 lipca 2020 w Bez kategorii

It is really not as bad as the neighborhood makes it out to be, but cheap nba 2k20 mt coins once I miss a wide open layup due to that dumb intimidator badge which still has not been nerfed it actually makes me hate NBA 2K20. I’ve made facilities miss due to getting it on hall of 16, as a guard. That badge is also the reason post scoring is indeed broken also. Also steals are nonexistent steals I get are. I have perfect timing while they’re dribbling in my head, pickpocket and the ball warps through you. Hop steps are unrealistic, a shield is not traveling giannis space with a single jump step, passing lane steals, broken MT cards and fully garbage servers. You have it lag each 30 seconds and can not have a game really much on timing, this is not my connection either. Ping is from the single digits in all my games.

The jump step desires a massive nerf next season, intimidator is broken, you don’t even need to put up hands for a shot to miss, and imo, manages for days is op. It allows these idiots to dribble back and forth on the perimeter like we’re playing 2k15. Nobody at the nba and way play. Even James Harden does not and it’s not like they’re attempting to replicate him.Issa video game at the close of the day. Intimidator is op and manages for days lets u learn to live without RT on defense… doesnt make NBA 2K20 crap tho. U say u dont need to put ur hands up to get a shot to overlook, then green that the shot, feel like thats just more ability based.I watch your other points but I wasn’t talking about missed jump shots, I was speaking about interior shots. You will brick open layups and dunks with a less than 10 percent contest. If limitless range threes can green at will that is a shot can’t we hit an open lay up?

You your points. I was just mainly comparing the difference on gamers who take great and people who cant take in any way. There’s also undoubtedly randomness but also approaches to decrease the chance of the randomness and taking layups. The randomness is there sure, but through a full 4 quarter 5v5 match the greater team comes out on top 9 out of 10 times. The skill gap in modes is a lot of player, team to team, IQ based gaps. Some instances are baiting, dribbling, PnR defense and offense, communication, among other things. There’s definitely differences in skill although Obviously we can not compare it.

Therefore, let me start out by stating that I’ve largely played MyCareer. 2k and I have been playing for a whole lot of years. Since the variant where you could play with MyCareer with Jordan. That was amazing. Imagine if you could do it with a amount of players. Maybe some current ones and some legends. But I took a break. I didn’t play and quit. So this year NBA 2K20 was on sale for like 2 dollars and I purchased it. These past few weeks I’ve been playing it a lot and I felt like sharing my own thoughts.

Dribling from people’s feet and legs is apparantly a matter. MyCareer post game interviews are great. But now I realized that the playoffs there are not any – what the fuck? Cut scenes to gameplay appears balanced. Much like EA’s attempt in Madden with 2 hours of cut scenes and 5 minutes of drama. I really like with the moments of my teammates along with me – but why the fuck does it reset? All of the sudden I am playing 40 minutes (no manner with my 90 endurance ) and I have to play extended minutes with Okogie, Shabazz Napier, Noah Vonleh and Dieng. Just give me 1 other player able to Buy mt nba 2k20 shoot the ball (or somebody who will because Dieng can, however refuses).

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Switching from RS3 to OSRS be enjoy

6 lipca 2020 w Bez kategorii

It is simply not a game I’ll ever be able to RuneScape gold reunite into.I gave it an honest shot with legacy style before osrs I believe. Was alright but it’s objectively worse dps which caused it to be reclined to play.This is the way I feel for osrs.

I continue getting nostalgic and taking a rest and going and spending a month or two. Dreaming about bossing, etc and then I realize just how far away my accounts is and grindy RuneScape is and that I get turned off. I’d rather invest my time in RS3 in which I do not need to spend countless hours grinding out dull skills so as to play interesting ones. Although with an osrs Hardcore Ironman and I have been recently playing with and that has greatly changed me experience. Being a Ironmeme makes it much more enjoyable and has given value to the mill.

That’s cool you found a way. It would most likely be the same for me if I started a brand new Ironman or perhaps only a fresh account on RS3 but I am at that state you’re at with osrs at which I do not feel like starting over and grinding everything up even if it faster.Well if you ever choose to try out Ironman around RS3, allow me to know! I have been looking for a reason to test it on RS3 as well! Folks keep saying Ironman on RS3 is fun, some even say it is much better than OSRS. So it’s worth checking out in some point for sure.

You can enable legacy interface to facilitate into having action bars with the old button layout. Then maybe mess around with the new port a bit as soon as you understand what new things are for, simply placing them in spots that you feel make sense to you, determine what’s suitable (resizeable minimap, having your stock and teleports open at all times, separate tabs in conversation that enable you sort in there without the prefixes for me personally ). It is mostly about having both things open that you would otherwise always switch between.

Once you’ve completed that it’s really quick to get used to, took me maybe a week later enjoying oldschool for 2-3 years before. Also the ui on mobile rather sucks. It makes all the negatives of heritage port which you’d normally eventually switch to a custom one for old school rs gold stand out a whole lot, but even marginally worse (the ports you open are facing half your activity bar when you open any of these ).

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What is the end-game of PSO2?

30 czerwca 2020 w Bez kategorii

I’m curious what the true end-game features of PSO2 are for players. From what I could tell, the first aim is to level up all courses to 75 (either on a single or via multiple characters). My perception is that requires a LOT of time for cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta a casual player (who is not doing power leveling), but aside from that, what can you concentrate on after they struck L75 on their preferred class? How can pursuing the gear in Phantasy Star Online 2 look? I hear people discuss Nemesis and getting ideal Affixes, etc. but not sure what that means. Additionally, there’s mention of discs, but it’s not on NA yet? On the lookout for a real breakdown of what end-game resembles.

So I bought the sonic pack because I like setting my money on fire (and I figure I’ll get its entire value back if Phantasy Star Online 2 excels and the costumes are super rare and people hundreds of millions of meseta to blow on costumes no longer accessible ) and that means I got 12 scratch offs. Blew all of these on the dark omen places and obtained (among other items ) a set of black floss type thong panties and a gothic punk dress. Interesting issue is that I get a view of my brand new ero pantsu and when the dress lifts up.

Unfortunately, it is pretty much like endgame stuff in other mmo, you do raid when they happen, getting brand new gear that’s just 1-2% more powerful than what you currently possess, grinding for meseta to purchase new fancy clothing, perfecting affixes which boost your damage by 1% from your current affix, pretty much that yeah, maintaining up for the sake of keeping up. Of course there’s time attack standing, or solo trigger quest, or masquerade floor 999 you can do to challenge yourself, or even endless quest, or split pursuit, there are lots of content to challenge yourself, however if you’re trying to find a specific reason to do those pursuit aside from challenging yourself, it comes back into maintaining up for the interest of maintaining up.

Btw, I am not going to delve into explaining affix, it’s a deep hole that I do not wish to describe to other because I am overly lazy.If you are playing a normal non sf personality, the endgame is just buying meseta by selling ac things and skipping the gearing up. Then you login through harsh quests and events on all 3 characters getting meseta. Most gamers completely max out in 40 hours, should you arent maxed in 40 hours, you are currently playing incorrect. If you are playing with group or ssf sf afterward the end game wont be struck for like 400 hours and you have a lot of stuff to do since you need to obtain all of your own gear.How it feels to play PSO2.

Following a week that the only part I do not even want to look at, everything is pretty reasonable. Part of it is that there seems to be much randomness involved together. Time and summoner to play then. Summoner weapons don’t (at least currently) do it all so it’s only units you will have to think about.Except one maximum summoner pet costs more than buying a perfect weapon completed for you. Then you will only do half of the damage and hold back your groups, unless you do not bother to buy meseta pso2 raise its stats. Or you are going to be farming eggs for weeks to your two primary pets.

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My first 120 in Runescape and 120 in my iron

24 czerwca 2020 w Bez kategorii

I realy dislike DG on my iron. Did you solo cashed or floors in tokens? Thank you! I am eager to buy RuneScape gold finally be free! I coached it just doing solo floors which was quite painful, however there are a whole lot of boosts you should definitely take advantage of when possible. I dont believe it would be feasable to token farm from 99-120 but I certainly think if you’d an elongated dg daily every day and a few token farming alongside that, it may be a viable training method. By degree 120 though you can get 2x the encounter of one hour of token farming at one big floor so that it may not be worth continuing to nominal farm once you get over 200k xp each floor.

Once you do get maximum boosts xp becomes pretty fasy so that is an upside to training with solo floors, but it becomes very boring after a while especially if you do not enjoy dg already. I didn’t mind it but I over it now. The xp aren’t uncommon, although it is luck based. Thieving locust would be the rarest but I found I averaged 1-4 per stock of cards (128k tokens) (although 4 is rare, I have received 6 in 1 inv before I think), preening ibis that you get a little more commonly at about 2-5 per stock along with the grinding mosquito (double tokens) you may get from 2-7 each inventory. Consistent Yak cards are far rarer when purchasing from the Bryll Thoksdottir. The most common cards that I think are the really shit ones, however it is pretty even for all except for yak.

For 10 dual xp cards I think it would cost about 360k tokens/3 inventories, maybe 4 if you’re unlucky. To get 300-400k tokens, you need just 4m xp and less if you’re utilising your double loaf cards. That’s readily accessible from doing your routine floors, though might be harder between 99-110 when you do not have as many flooring unlocked. When it isn’t enough to upkeep tokens, you need to be able to supplement with token farming. A person pls tell me if this is scuffed maths however as much as my anecdotal experience moves, I discovered this sustainable. Fortunately, I purchased all useful unlocks by around 105 dg so needed a surplus of tokens going from then to 120, plus I did do daily gorago for your free card, for some of the time, using the cards in my highest potential floors.

Other cards I under-utilised that might help you boost xp at lower levels were: Beguiling smoke devil – Allows you to open skill doors without fulfilling level requirements. Good if you are not maxed but want to push on some dg levels. Whimsical Bunyip – The result of a random card is played. In theory you can leave and re-enter dungeons triggering this card and hoping for an xp fostering impact, but I am too lazy for this.

I completed the majority of my token unlocks (golden accumulator, elite dungeon torso, magic notepaper etc.) by level 105ish so I can spend all of my tokens on gorago cards. I prioritised DG dailies and that I was lucky to receive 114 prior to the daily nerf, however even after nerf I did the long dailies. I would always use my boss option to decide on a non Blink boss for a warped floor and rs3 gold do a large additional flooring. After arch came out though I used the deathless relic so doing my flooring became much quicker as I could cheese blink without any risk to my xp.

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I have about a dozen people that were interested in PSO2

18 czerwca 2020 w Bez kategorii

That is…. Not surprising, but disappointing. I had a good chunk of buddies who were going to cheap PSO2 Meseta play, but the windows shop instantly scared them all off. Being a MMO on a nutritious platform would’ve been great for Phantasy Star Online 2. IDK why folks seem to believe the windows store is not a stage that is wholesome. It has never diminished the presence of Minecraft and SoT is chugging along just fine for the market appeal of it.

I think that it’s more that Steam is pretty much PC gaming’s home. Folks have their friends on there all and Steam has many features that the Microsoft store does not. There is also the fact that earning Phantasy Star Online 2 a Microsoft shop exclusive means that they are likely to get much fewer PC Phantasy Star Online 2 players than they could’ve gotten. It’s in everyone’s best interest to watch Phantasy Star Online 2 get many Phantasy Star Online 2 gamers as possible and Steam and a role in that play. I torn up about having to use the Microsoft shop until then, although I do hope a Steam version comes earlier or later.

You don’t need to tell me this; I have shop games now. It is not like I do not prefer / expect for a steam launch but the windows shop isn’t some place where games only wither on the vine and die because that is where they are offered. It will not die, but Phantasy Star Online 2 will have a fraction of this Phantasy Star Online 2 playerbase it could have had. I’d be surprised if even 1/4 of the people that were going to play because of the rumored Steam variant still wanted to play. I can not really talk to anything but metrics.

I have about a dozen people that were interested in PSO2 and are completely unphased by it being around the window’s store as it is something they are all forced to have inside their client anyhow. PSO has been with players in a bizarre place and lacks actual appeal. As I’ve repeatedly saidI will jump off windows store if possible but I do not really see what all the fuss is all about.

It is not a healthy platform at all for non established games, especially a game like PSO2 which only survives on the number of men and women are playing and using the shop. Which is quite different from those matches. It has a small percent of the Phantasy Star Online 2 playerbase as other shops, less attributes in total, and Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta even though these things were not accurate, it has a stigma which it will not easily shake. There’s a reason Microsoft was putting all their own IPs on Steam. They would rather use pso2 for a tool to pull people in their shop than to ensure Phantasy Star Online 2 survives longer than, say, PSU did.

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They’re so afraid to make real changes to RuneScape game with no poll

13 czerwca 2020 w Bez kategorii

It sounds like this ultimately came down to a failure to cheap RuneScape gold communicate the scope, boundaries, parameters, etc. of”partnerships” on the benefit of Jagex. Players took the discussion in a more general monetization direction, which according to this blog you just shared with me personally, wasn’t part of Jagex’s vision in any way. This can only be blamed on Jagex (a failure to properly convey ) not the gamers (such as taking the term”venture” and running wild with it). I also believe players were just worried about approving some general”partnerships” and Jagex could go and do a whole lot with that term one day. If Jagex really wants partnerships they should survey certain partnerships each time they are interested in one.

A company exists only for one reason and that is to earn money. Everything else is a side product. OSRS is earning money. OSRS stops existing the moment it does not. Yes! Every company’s goal is to earn money. But you’re forgetting that their goal is not just to earn money today but to also make making money elsewhere. The point is that OSRS will continue to create money as long as they do not violate their customers, and MTX etc. could piss us off enough to quit paying.

That is partially why they’re so afraid to make real changes to RuneScape game with no poll. They saw the last time they left such a shift and it tore RuneScape game apart. I doubt they would risk that. They’d have to think OSRS is dying unless they left a huge shift. They’ve been moving more and more towards creating unpolled alterations and seeking to add separate monetization approaches to osrs besides p2p. Eventually those paths will cross and we are going to find some version of partnerships placed into RuneScape game with no poll. You’re delusional if you think that a multi-billionaire dollar conglomerate sees Jagex because their cash cow rather than a slaughter bull that may be redeemed to get a quick buck when they need it.

That statement is frequently seen by me. Nonetheless, it’s really. Naughty dog, CD endeavor reddish. They have values that are quite different than the makers of shadow legends such as example. Ofcourse a company would like to make money, but there are loads of companies who also need to generate good games and will not settle for less. I feel as the RS3 group and OSRS have values that are different. That’s the reason why I believe”jagex” shouldn’t be utilized as a word for the OSRS team. It is a silly argument is not it? Such as the fact that they are machines designed to squeeze profit from something until it’s dead is okay because that is what they were created to do?

That’s like arguing it’s okay for the drug dealer to decrease your medication with dangerous additives as their aim is to earn cash! Some people are unable to tolerate seeing even if this criticism has to do together. How frequently have you seen comprehensive investigations with though-out tips being discounted as”complaining” on reddit? Definitely at the hundreds for me.I sure love the worth CD job red holds up, helps silence their dreadful expectations of workers. However, it’s ok because they are nicer to buy rs3 gold the consumer, whereas other company is poor since they have lootboxes, despite not treating their employees like trash.

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They push these crap cards to NBA 2K earlier each year

8 czerwca 2020 w Bez kategorii

I mean in the end of the day. Folks like fun stupid cards like things like that and cheap mt nba 2k21 Spud in Center. Yeah but that only really works if having the size advantage wasn’t as important as it is – whether it is a fantasy mode afterward Kyle Lowry and each other miniature point guard ought to be able to do exactly the same things the oversize position players do.True it is a dream mode and cards should be somewhat overpowering and things to make a arcade type texture but that shit is just ridiculous.
Folks do not enjoy this whatsoever. What we want are cards that have some type of realism on them. Everything began when they added that Charles Barkley that has been the card at NBA 2K history. Now every card comes out just like that Charles Barkley. I remember that if you wanted a card that may take 3s then you had to choose DeMarcus cousins. Now almost every centre can take and it is stupid.Had Bill Russell hitting greens in me in TTO in December or January they push these crap cards to NBA 2K earlier each year and proceed up the release date also to get from the players wallets.
People obviously do enjoy this (where else would Lonzo lovers have the ability to play with w a 99 overall lonzo?). If they didn’t, NBA 2K wouldn’t be like this bc people would not be purchasing the packs and playing the manner. The individuals who don’t enjoy it are obviously the minority. NBA 2K makes decisions such as this to target the small minority that invest a shit ton of cash buying VC to spend on packs. It’s a really extreme case of the classic rule. When they don’t make money off of the majority of players in 27, implying they give a fuck about what the majority thinks is naive.
You’re saying that the big spenders are? Then why are packs bought by other people? It is naive to believe that the majority doesn’t like this material, but continues to open play and packs myteam. Who do you think the big spenders are playing? That would imply that the big spenders are the ones profiting from these fantasy players, which is not correct. You’re in the minority that is vocal. Clearly the big spenders play a bigger part than others, but it doesn’t mean they are the only people who like this kind of content. You don’t think there are people who are big fans of Thon Maker? People who have made a lot of MT working the AH, that have more than enough MT to get him, I am sure they like this too.
Crazy to think only big spenders see packs wake up and are happy with this drop. The majority of the people who don’t like this content are individuals who can’t afford these players, and are scared they’ll lose to them. This does not take away from your ability to create your own fantasy team. And when it wasn’t truly liked by people, they’d go play my league instead. You also picked a poor time to pick that cash remark, seeing as though they simply released 5 free GOs, 33 PDs, and nba 2k21 mt coins 30 diamonds. Was this only please the big spenders too? This was 2K showing they do not care?Create NBA2KING Desktop Shortcuts For 3% Discount!